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About Us

Western Beverages Pvt. Ltd. is a Company incorporated in the year 1996.Its most Modern Bottling Plant practicing International Manufacturing Processes is located in Cuncolim Industrial Estate, Salcette Goa.

Initially it started its operations as a franchise of Cadbury Schweppes India Ltd. a Subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes England.

The Company has also developed its own Brands of Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Beverages. Its brand of Premium Mixers; “Twist” currently has 3 flavors and a premium Soda Water. Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon and the Soda Water under brand name ‘TWIST’ are available in 250ml non returnable full sleeve glass bottles. The packing of a multicolor corrugated box contains 12 bottles. The product is stamped best before 9 months from date of manufacture.

Twist is also available in Take Away 500ml x 12 PET Bottles. These are intended for consumption at Homes, Parties, Picnics etc. The 3 flavors are Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon and Ginger Ale. Best before date is 4 months from date of manufacture.

Brand Taan has Carbonated Soft Drinks, Soda and Packaged Drinking Water under its banner.In Soft Drinks there is Lemonade, Orangeade, Pineapple Fizz, Masala Soda in 250ml x 24 PET Take Away Bottles. Also available in 750ml x 12 PET Take Away Bottles are Lemonade, Orangeade and Soda Water.All products are individually packed in attractive color corrugated boxes.Best before date is 4 months from date of manufacture.
The Soda is also manufactured in 300ml x 24 returnable glass bottles. Taan Packaged Drinking Water is currently available in 500ml x 18 bottles and 1 ltr x 12 bottles. The products have a validated ISI No. CM/L-7559795 and comply with manufacturing practices as laid down by BIS IS: 14543.
In addition all the products’ labels strictly fulfill the code of demeanor specified by the authorities.To ensure the product meets international acceptance of the discerning connoisseur, all essential ingredients are imported and a Specialist in Quality Control supervises the incoming ingredients before they are used. The test marketing of these flavors, across the country, was done last year and the result on acceptance of the product was cent percent.

“Twist” is bar-coded to comply with the needs of International Retailing practices.

The Logo and Bottle Designs are registered under Trade Mark.

The Company is strategically poised to make “Twist” a national brand. It is currently launched in Goa, Bangalore, Jaipur and Kerala.